Friday, October 17, 2008

Need For Speed Legends:NFS Most Wanted.

This game, NFS Most wanted, is totally a different version of what was present before. This was the same racing game but with more advanced options and with its high graphics qualities. This game was developed by the EA Black box and it was released by Electronic Arts in North America on 15 November 2005. This time the developer used a story based game which really work. They introduced you as the player who was a racer (own heavily-tuned BMW M3 GTR) and he arrives to a city, Rockport. There he met a girl Mia Townsend(role was played by Josie Maran). In that city, veteran police officer named Sergeant Cross, who vows to take down the racing player, threatened him about the street racing. But still how that player have shout managed his racing career and build his blacklist (a group of 15 drivers most wanted by the Rockport Police Department) racing on the street racing is picturised in that game. In the staring the number one blacklist player, Clarence Razor Callahan, sabotages the player's car and seize the player's BMW M3 GTR. Then you need to build your own car for the racing and then have to challenge each and every blacklist gang from the bottom to the top. Then after Mia help you out for the car and other accessories and the only thing you have o do is to take down the black list and optimize you car to the best through the rewards. Once you take down a blacklist racer you get favours(like pink slip or cash ).
After all the final challenge for the #1 spot on the Blacklist pits the player in a race against Razor, with the player emerging as the victor, thus reclaiming the BMW. When Razor refuses to relinquish ownership of the car and attacks Mia after she confiscates the keys from Razor, she subdues him and in doing so she reveals herself to be an undercover police officer. Mia throws the keys to the player, and orders him to escape the incoming police force. Razor is taken into custody and the player is pursued by the entire Rockport Police Department under the command of Cross. The player manages to slip away from Cross and abandons Rockport City by launching the BMW over an old incomplete bridge that Mia points out to the player in a last phone call. After the player's escape, Cross brings up the player's rap sheet and adds him to the National Most Wanted List. In addition to Razor, the entire Blacklist is arrested with the "help" of the player.
This is the whole story but it’s the game that does attract too through its high graphics racing cars. In this game you have to build up you career from the nil to everything. This game too has multiplayer option and too has online gaming facilities so that you can show up you skills over the net. The PSP version (also known as Need for Speed: Most Wanted: 5-1-0 was also released by the same EA. Hope you will have fun with this game.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Need For Speed Legends:NFS Underground 2.

This was the sequel to the NFS Underground and stands for the eighth racing game released by the Electronics Arts and was developed by EA Black Box. This game started with storyline that ended in the NFS Underground. It was very much similar r to its previous version plus some new advanced features like broader customization, new methods of selecting races, the "explore" mode (just driving around freely in a large fictious city known as "Bay view"). They have also included SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles,) in the list of cops racing cars list. One of the new features in this race is that you can choose a challenger for a race during your free roam and if you beat it up then you gets some rewards like some unique parts for your racing car.
It includes the same race modes that was there in the NFS Underground except two and that are Street X and URL (Underground Racing League). Street X involves bumper to bumper racing against three other opponents on a short and small circuit based on the Drift tracks The URL is a set of tournaments which takes place in a specific set of closed tracks outside city streets - either actual racing circuits or airport runways. URL tournaments typically consist of one to three races, with the player racing against five opponents. In tournaments with two or more races, a points system is used. At the end of each race, drivers receive a specific amount of points according to their standing in a race. The total score at the end of these races determines the winner of the tournament.
It has the option for both LAN multiplayer and online multiplayer, so player can beat up others and can show their skills to others who may or may not know each other. This game was released on the date 15th November 2004.

Need For Speeds Legends: NFS Underground.

This racing game was the sequel of its previous version NFS Hot Pursuit 2. This was the seventh racing game that was released by the Electronic Arts. It was the first time that the EA have included a story line for the player and have shown why the racer guy that’s the player needs racing and how generally streets racing are happening in big cities. They offered a career mode featuring a storyline, and a garage mode that allowed players to fully customize their cars with a large variety of brand-name performance and visual upgrades. Its most catching feature was its new look with astonishing and shinning racing cars. One of the amazing facts about this racing was that all the racing that is portrait in this game was made to be done in nights.
This game had included two new racing types namely drift race and the drag race alone with the old ones namely circuit, knockout race and sprint race. The drift was the most excited part of this game. The player has to collects optimum points in the race by drifting his car along the track and all this to be done at speed. So it gave the charm feature to this game. And on the other part drag involves racing against one or three cars on typically straight tracks, and attempting to obtain top positions to win. In order to master Drag mode, players must employ good timing and reflexes for gear shifting, redlining, overtaking, and the use of nitrous oxide boosts.
The developers have included lots of characters in this game so that the game and the story line can be correlated by the player. This game has also included a feature of multiplayer so that human players on different pc can compete against each other and can show off their skills. It was released on the date 17th November 2003.

Need For Speed Legends:NFS Hot Pursuit 2

The NFS Hot Pursuit was the first racing game of its type. It was the debut for Need for Speed (NFS) title from EA Black Box (created after the purchase of Black Box Games in Vancouver). Before its launch not a single game was shown with such features like most cool and fantasizing racing cars. Its most attracting part was the cops who are made to enter when there is illegal street racing. In this the player needs evading from the police to maintain his or her position in the game. This too has included over-the-top tracks featuring lengthy shortcuts. This was the feature that collected attention of lots of game lover towards the racing arena. And the charm of the track songs too included lots of fan in its list.
This game too had the opposite side as the cop. This allows the players to play as the police, where the goal is to arrest the speeders. They had three modes to slow down the speeder. One was ramming the speeders vehicles, second by calling for assistance that’s the backup phenomena and third the helicopter supports which throw grenades on the speeders way. This features made the game more realistic and due to this players get more involved in the game. It worked in two modes namely the single mode and in two persons simultaneous modes. The game was officially released on the 2nd October 2002 under the publisher EA Games.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


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